Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shemale Cum Phone Sex

Happy Thursday my precious cocksuckers.

I'm ready to stuff my big cock in your tranny loving mouth. Open wide pets, Pandora is ready to deep throat your hungry mouth, and then maybe, if you're up to it my anal virgin, a nice sensual ass fuck.

You know you want this shemale cum, you little slut! I'll make sure you'll love the cock.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tranny Phone Sex

Have a wild weekend my babies, but if it doesn't get quite wild enough for you there's always your favortie Shemale Goddess.

First time anal? Not a problem. I'll let you suck my cock first. Get it sloppy and slippery wet! You'll be begging this tgirl for her big cock in your ass soon enough. And if not, I'm one hot tranny who doesn't mind spilling my shemale cum right down your throat. Mmmm

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hump Day Phone Sex

erotic sex It's that time again. Hump day, where we tell each other our naughty secrets from last weekend and our fantasies for the weekend to come.

Sorted, deviant step son fantasies, statuesque shemale goddess dreams, ass worship desires.

Do you want to own, or be owned, dominate or be dominated, fuck or be fucked?

You can tell Pandora, and I promise, whatever it may be, I can satisfy that need.

Click HERE to check out the new website!

1-800-485-0215 ext 143
UK 0800-047-0903 ext 136
10 Minutes / $25
20 Minute Time Blocks / $40
Calls From Outside The US / $3.00 Min / 10-Minute Minimum
Major Credit/Check/Gift Cards Accepted By Phone

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tranny Fetish Phone Sex

Sexy Tranny Perfect Tits So you've been looking at my pictures and stroking your cock and wondering what it would be like to call and talk to me. Only one way to find out, Loverboy. ;-)
You have nothing to worry about. I know you might be nervous. I know how to take care of you.
I know you want to be on your knees sucking the most beautiful cock you've ever seen while you look up into my seductive blue eyes, purring words of lust. That's my pet, take it just a little deeper than comfortable. You want to be this Tranny's cock sucking whore. This shemale's fuck toy. Of course you do. Now suck!

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shemale Valentine Phone Sex

I've got a heart on, and I've got a big heart.
I know you want what's under that big red heart. And the things you could do to it will give it a pulse all it's own.
Suck that big sweet cock until you can't take the anticipation any longer. Then I'll bend my little valentine over and give you what you really want.
A good hard fuck!
Call me for the best tranny phone sex!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Shemale Phonesex

Your favorite nasty phone sex shemale is too. ;-)

And I have every intention of spreading the Christmas cheer and giving you exactly what you want this year, a big fat cock!

You know you love the taste of sweet Tranny Candy Cane and drool for my shemale sugarplums.
There's really no reason you can't have exactly what you want this year.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


  • One cute, sexist neighbor guy
  • One very horny tranny
  • One pair of sexy black stockings
  • Two bottles of wine
  • Rope for Trussing
  • Very large, hard cock for stuffing

Invite the hot guy from next door over for Thanksgiving. Mix a little short skirt with sexy black stocking and stiletto heels. Preheat by giving him glimpses of your barely there panties and sexy round ass. Marinade cute guy in wine. Truss tightly on kitchen table. Seductively lick his ear and whisper, "Give thanks for what you are about to receive".

Call me for our very own hot trannie phone sex fantasy.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sexy Shemale MILF

I did a call recently and the fantasy he asked me to act out was so hot I just had to share it with you.

I'm the step mom to a rapidly maturing teenage son and have recently discovered that my "baby boy" has developed a deliciously enormous cock!

He has no idea that Mommy has a very large secret.

One particular evening my son and I are alone in the house. I slip down to the basement and secretly watch him as he lifts weights. Biting my lip as his muscles flex and strain, the sweat from his body making the blond hair on his forearms glitter. His rhythmic breathing and soft grunting increasing my erotic thoughts.

Tonight I won't be denied!

As he showers I slip into a silk robe and wait for him to enter his bedroom. He is unaware that I've followed as he removes his towel. I gaze as his tight perfect ass for a moment, then clear my throat. He turns around with a start. "Mom!"

I reach out and take the towel he is cowering behind from him, leaving him naked and helpless. He opens his mouth again and Says "M-mo" but I place two fingers to his lips cutting off his word and say "Don't". Lowering my fingers and placing my full lips over his mouth I kiss my son deeply sliding my tongue in his mouth, possessing it.

Glancing down at his hardening cock I lift my hand to his shoulders and push him to his knees, then slowly and deliberately remove the sash from my robe as my eyes have his locked. I smile at the look of astonishment on my son's face as he gapes at my thickening cock.

As he opens his mouth to say "M-mom I" I push the head of my cock in his mouth and tell him to "Suck me!"

He looks up at me with innocent wide eyes as I start to rock forward, fucking my own son's mouth. Deeper as he gags and chokes on me. No motherly instincts now, only raw lust.

I run my slim fingers through his hair and then grasp a hand full, pulling him to his feet, then over to the bed. He just lies there and trembles in shock while I take his muscular knees and place them over my shoulders, crawling towards him, curling him up further and further until he realizes what I'm doing.

He opens his mouth to protest just as I push the head of his own huge cock into his mouth, forcing him to suck himself. His eyes widen and his ass puckers as he feels the head of my own cock against his tight virgin asshole. "Nmoo", but I smile pushing myself inside, violating my own son. Taking his ass for my selfish pleasure as he gags on his own cock, every thrust pushing him deeper onto himself.

Faster and harder I fuck him, then as I feel myself approaching I squeeze his balls, forcing his cum to gush down his own throat as I release and fill his ass with mine.

I gather my robe and leave his room without a word, but as I glance back I see my son stroking his beautiful, still erect cock.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Have you ever spent a lazy Sunday afternoon at a glory hole?

Wearing your sexiest panties. Kneeling there, sweating, trembling, just waiting for that perfect cock with a nice mushroom head, you know, just the kind you like to run your tongue around. Willing it to pop through that delicious hole.

Slide that tongue into the pee slit and lick out that precum.

Do you stroke your cock through your silky panties while you push that dick down your throat?

I can almost hear your labored breathing, whimpering, hungry sucking.

Oh you've been needing this so bad and now it's here, fucking your face.

Care to tell me about it? I'm a very good listener. ;-)

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Got any Irish in you?


Do you enjoy sucking cock or maybe just fantasizing about it?
Have you ever imagined a beautiful shemale using you like her little bitch, pushing deep inside your man pussy?
You can be my pleasure slut; sucking and being fucked like the slut
you've always dreamed of being.
Now on your knees! Kiss this Irish Shemale's blarney stones!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Babies

This is a Horn of Plenty. Commonly seen on Thanksgiving tables. Click on the picture to see my Horn of Plenty ;-) Gobble Gobble

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Looks like a treat to me

Don't you just love Halloween? Parties and sweets and sexy costumes.

It's a time for being bad and letting that little devil in you out.

Give me a call and I bet I can put a smile on your, um, face too. ;-)

Trick or Treat, Baby. Either way I'll be happy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mommy And Friends

I have a page on a new website with some pictures that you may not have seen yet. You'll want to go take a peek at MommyAndFriendsPhoneSex. Here's a hint....I'm not Mommy! But I am one of Mommy's naughty friends.

Vote for me while you are there and you can receive 3 Free Additional Minutes with your next purchased call. If you don't know how to vote, just ask me when you phone and you can vote while I am authorizing your call.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Want To Make It Special?

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
All it takes is one little phone call....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Katie's Deflowering

A Mistress friend of mine has a little sissy slut that she asked that I help train. It seems he had always fantasized about being used by a shemale and my friend thought it was time for him to receive a reward.
He was dressed in a little black gown, had on heels and was blindfolded when I arrived. Mistress Caitlyn called him Katie and told him that she had a surprise for him.
Katie began to get aroused at the thought of what was to come.
Mistress Caitlyn told Katie to get down on all fours on the floor. She reached down and took Katie's cock in her hand and gently squeezed, teasing just a little. Then she lovingly removed Katie's butt plug.

She put some nice warm oil on Katie's ass and began gently fingering the tight puckered little hole. The she whispered in Katie's ear that she was going to get a nice surprise.
I knew already to be gently because I am so large and Katie is not accustomed to taking more than Mistress Caitlyn's small strap-on dildo.
I ran my cock back and forth between Katie's checks, gently pushing the head of my cock against Katie's ass. I then begin pushing in my nice wet cock, inch by inch. I felt Katie's intake of breath as he felt my breasts against his back and my nice hard cock stroking his ass.
There was more, but you will have to call me to hear the rest. ;-)

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